Drahtwerk St. Ingbert GmbH
Alleestra├če 11
D-66386 St. Ingbert
Telefon: +49 (0) 68 94-104-141
Telefax: +49 (0) 68 94-104-299
E-Mail: salesDWI@saarstahl.com


Who are our customers?
We supply the European automotive industry as well as manufacturers of quality shopping trolleys, arches for lever arch binders, furniture fittings, paint roller handles and general wire working.

Our product range
We offer you a complete assortment of galvanised and bright wire, in tempered and soft qualities. We also supply galvanised redrawn wire products. Shaped and copper coated wires, cut and straightened wires in bright and galvanised quality. Thanks to the excellent quality of its products, Drahtwerk St. Ingbert has established itself as a leading supplier of free cutting steel in the form of catchweight coils and spoolless reels.

Wire products
- bright drawn wire
- special plating quality wire
- free cutting steel
- shaped wire
- copper coated wire
- commercially and heavily galvanised wire
- galvanised redrawn wire
- plastic-coated wire
- cut and straightened wires