Galvanised and bright galvanised wire products

We offer a comprehensive range of hot-dip galvanised finishes, from commercial to heavily galvanised, in both hard and soft products, as well as galvanised redrawn wires.

We specialise in the production of bright galvanised wires with extra smooth bright finishes. We can offer you raw materials with ready-made quality surface finishes that are achieved without redrawing.

Among our economical solutions, you will find, for example, we can supply coils of up to 2.5 tons. Helping to reduce retooling times and minimise production costs.


  • Ø 2,0 – 12 mm
  • other dimensions available on request


  • according to DIN EN 10218

  • other tolerances available on request


  • automotive industry

  • consumer products (clothes hangers, bucket handles and other bent parts with high-quality finishes)

  • construction and DIY (paint roller handles, chain-link fences, wall brackets, fixtures for suspended ceilings, etc.)

 Special products

  • wires with extremely smooth and clean finishes

  • bright galvanised products

  • galvanised redrawn wires with extremely homogeneous strengths

  • up to 2.5 ton coils

  • bright galvanised wires in straight lengths