Simply good is simply not good enough

We operate a continuous internal optimisation process and our specialised lab carries out frequent in-process inspections so that our customers can rest assured that all products leaving our factory are of the same high quality: non-porous surfaces, uniform strengths and bright surfaces.

Thanks to the excellent production standard behind our wires, our customers can be certain that all our products can be processed and refined economically and without any problems. Innovative technologies enable us to offer you top quality wire products at competitive prices.

Our quality assurance system: by assessing each quality-relevant characteristic directly in the process, we are able to achieve an unrivalled quality standard. All quality activities and parameters are documented in detail and with reference to the relevant processes. At regular workshops and seminars for all workers of the various departments, our employees have the opportunity to exchange views and ideas and to contribute to our continuous improvement process.

Our quality management system is certified accor-ding to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. One of our key concerns is the protection of the environment.
We therefore offer our customers a wire product with PE coating as an alternative to the common PVC-coated wire.


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